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Long before the popularity of Celtic Women & Celtic Thunder and long before Celtic became a household word, Golden Bough was bringing their style of Celtic music to fans throughout the United State and Europe.

Since 1980 Golden Bough has been delighting audiences with their unique renditions of the Celtic music of Ireland & Scotland. Besides their many years of touring, these modern day minstrels have recorded over 30 albums. 

Their latest release, “Celtic Festival”, embodies the music and the spirit of a lively music festival. It, along with other of the group’s CDs, will be available at the concert. Golden Bough got the idea for their new CD after performing at Festivals, Highland Games and Fairs. Fans kept asking “Which is the liveliest?” To satisfy the requests, they put together a fun album of Celtic songs reflecting the Celtic Festival atmosphere. 

They also dedicated an entire CD (Songs of Scotland) to the music of Scotland. “Having listened to a spate of Scottish CDs - this CD is a sheer delight. Overall a refreshing and enjoyable collection of Scottish songs and music.” Justine Salmon, Tradition Magazine, UK

With a dazzling array of acoustic instruments; Celtic harp, guitar, violin, viola, penny-whistle, octave-mandolin, accordion, and bodhran (a hand held Celtic drum), and a haunting vocal style, Golden Bough presents a program that leaves little room for audience members to lose interest.

The Celtic nations share a long history of culture and fine arts and their music often intertwines to create the powerfully emotional sound of what we now call Celtic music.  Golden Bough was founded with the concept of combining this music with various folk styles, highlighting their own compositions. For almost four decades Golden Bough has been delighting audiences with their exceptional interpretations of the music of the Celtic nations and the uniqueness of their original compositions.

In the recording studio, as well as on stage, Golden Bough captures the essence and joy of traditional folk music and captivates audiences with the uniqueness of their original compositions. Wind and Wire Magazine had this to say, “There is a love of this music by the performers that is obvious. A great example of how to do something the right way when many are just doing it, period.”

The music of Golden Bough is enjoyed by listeners of all ages. You'll be hard put to sit still once the fire of Celtic music is flamed by these fine entertainers. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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